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Prevent Patio Damage with Polybind

At Afton Landscape Supply we sell not only pavers and wall block we have all the accessories needed to complete the project and transform your yard into an outdoor living space.
At this year’s home and garden expo we are showcasing Gator Base, an environmentally friendly lightweight high-density polypropylene panel. Gator Base is designed with a LOCK_N_GO tongue and groove system.
Gator base replaces 6” of compacted stone, significantly reducing the depth of excavation, and the manual labor needed to place and compact stone base material.  
Afton also carries a full line of Polybind polymeric sand. When applied into the joints the PURE-CLEAR polymers will ensure a beautiful, vibrant and clean paver surface. Polybind polymeric sand prevents weeds and damage caused by burrowing insects as well as prevents erosion due to wind, rain, and freeze cycles. Polybind stone dust works on joints up to 6”, perfect for your natural stone patio or walk. 
The new G2 intelligent polymeric sand contains no dust, is haze free, and takes only one watering. The G2 sand installation takes half the time of previous sands, and is available in different colors.

For your full line of Polybind products including adhesives, sealers and cleaners, stop and visit with our hardscape specialists at Afton Landscape Supply.


Brass Burners for Your Fire Pit

At the 2019 Home and Garden Expo Afton Landscape Supply transformed our Unilock Brussels Dimensional Wall Block into a pub table style fire feature using a CROSSFIRE Brass Burner by Warming Trends. You can use Unilock Brussels Small Tapers to build a traditional round fire pit and add a Warming Trends burner. Using today’s cutting-edge technology this brass burner produces a taller, brighter, fuller flame than the stainless circle burners of the past.
Made in the USA, all parts and pieces of the CROSSFIRE™ Burner are made from brass. Unlike other burners made from stainless steel, brass is corrosion resistant and will not rust, which eliminates the need for replacement. Warming trends is so confident the product will last, they offer a lifetime warranty on all brass products.
At Afton’s you can order a Crossfire Brass Burner to fit any of our existing fire pits, round, square, or rectangular.  Have a special project or idea? Your Warming Trends burner can be custom ordered to your specifications.
The Brass Burner runs on Natural Gas or Propane with BTU’s ranging from 60,000 to 470,000. Our most popular round firepits work best with the 120,000 or 180,000 BTU burners. Finally, fill your burner with lava rock or fire glass, and add an optional log set to simulate a beautiful wood fire. 
To see these innovative burners, stop out to Afton Landscape Supply and where a Hardscape Specialist will be happy to light one for you. We also carry a full line of outdoor gas fireplaces, see our burning display model.
Here at Afton’s we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Glowing Embers Fireplace Gallery. Located in the Afton Landsape Supply building on Route 8.  Whether a wood, pellet or gas stove, insert or fireplace, we have units to add warmth and beauty to your home.
So indoors or out, you can’t beat the heat at Afton Landscape Supply.


Create Your Perfect Patio

There are many patio area ideas for home owners to consider, and not every patio area will be the appropriate option for every property owner. Take into consideration the beauty of a well created patio area that reflects an individual’s taste, design, and budget. In addition to pavers and slabs, natural stone is one of the most durable patio materials on the market, and requires no maintenance after installation. Worried about unsightly weeds or anthills, put your fears to rest. Use Polybind Stone Dust in the joints, when the stone dust is activated by water it forms a binding agent.  
Imagine a Unilock fire pit surrounded by a natural stone patio, with several custom-made benches using our 48” natural stone treads for the seat. You are well on your way to completing your outdoor living space. At Afton’s we stock flat rock for outdoor walls, garden paths, patios and more. No project is too big or too small for Aftons. We sell natural stone by the pallet, half pallet, retail pack or by the pound.  
Rocks and boulders provide a natural, textural element to landscape designs as well as a durable low-maintenance garden that’s often quite eye-catching. Rocks, boulders, and plants turn an awkward slope into an area that’s pretty and inviting. At Afton’s we have all sizes of natural boulders, as well as specialty shipped in boulders like white granite, dixie pink, or zebra striped. Visit our friends at Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery for all your plants and trees. 
At Afton’s we supply bulk products. Topsoil, bark mulch, mushroom compost, natural and crushed stone, subbase gravels and limestone products, available for pickup or delivery. For pictures and descriptions take a look at our Facebook page. Let our experienced staff help you transform your yard into a naturally beautiful outdoor living space.

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