Afton Landscape Supply is the one name to know for all your rock needs!
-- Flat Rocks:  Many sizes and colors to pick from Sold by the pallet or the piece (in weight)
-- Natural Stone Pavers
-- Standing Irregulars: Sold by the pallet
-- One Man Imported Boulders: Various colors (changes often) Sold by the pound
-- Regional Round Boulders:  Sold by the pound
-- Large Boulders by the pieces; Delivery available.
-- Bagged Decorative Stone
      Autumn Red
      Maryland River
      Pocono River
      Sunset Lite
      Marble Chips (White)
      Floral Pink

Ayers natural stone

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unilock natural stone

Unilock does not only offer high quality concrete pavers but natural stone too! Click the link above to check them out.

yukon valley natural stone

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unilock black river project pack natural stone

laurel mountain natural stone standing irregular



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For tips on how to install your own irregular natural stone patio check out these great step by step instructions from the DIY Network.

flagstone patio