Whether you want to build seating, pillars, stone steps, or a retaining wall for your garden, driveway, or pool patio -- even if you want to build an entire custom patio kitchen  -- Afton Landscape Supply has quality wall products for any job.

Garden Walls

If you need a short wall to accent a project or act a solid, rot-proof barrier we have options. Split'n Stack or Roman Stack tapered blocks by UNILOCK are 4" high and can be installed straight or can create curves without any cutting at heights up to 18" tall. For slightly larger projects we stock Brussels Dimensional Wallstone by UNILOCK and Edington Wallstone from OBERFIELDS.




While retaining walls are typically built to provide extra support, in order to prevent the ground from erosion, they can also serve as an impressive eye piece to your landscaping design. But make sure to consult an Afton's expert to guide you. You'll want to choose the right stone to last a lifetime, especially if you live in a wet location and need drainage. Stop by Afton Landscape Supply today for a consultation.

VERSA-LOK is one the industries leading most versitle retaing wall blocks. It can be used as a retaining wall, freestanding wall or a garden wall. It can be engineered to use as a commercial retaining wall or a DIY weekend backyard double sided firepit area sitting wall. Working with a pin system it is rated to be installed at almost any height with proper instalation.

View the entire VERSA-LOK product line here.


Pisa is also one of the most versatile residential and commercial retaining wall block on the market today. The built-in setback design of Pisa automatically forms the correct slope, ensuring a highly stable retaining wall. Utilizing the product’s tapered components, you can form curved walls and steps. You can also use Pisa to construct projects with low walls to high walls such as planters, steps, grill islands, pillars, seat walls and water features.


Umbriano panels in Summer Wheat with matching Umbriano pavers in Summer Wheat.


Pitched U-Cara panels in Sierra Color with Beacon Hill Smooth in Fossil pavers.


Pitched Granite U-Cara panels with Beacon Hill Smooth pavers in Granite.