Whether you're looking to create a stone driveway, a walkway to the house, or a new pool patio, Afton Landscape Supply is the one name to know for all pavers and slab products! We supply the top brands in the industry which you can see in our impressive hardscape display containgin Unilock, Oberfields LLC, and Techo Bloc. Afton's even carries a full line of Polybind products -- premium-quality sands, stone dust, adhesives, sealers,cleaners and paving-edge systems. 

With Unilock at Afton Landscape Supply we offer EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes. These products set a new standard for everlasting beauty thanks to proprietary blends of some of nature’s highest performing minerals such as granite and quartz, combined with manufacturing technologies that are exclusive to Unilock. EnduraColor is where concentrated color meets special wear-resistant technologies -- at Afton's!


  • REALA™ Ultra-realistic textures cast from Natural Stone, brick and historic cobblestones.
  • ULTIMA™ This proprietary manufacturing process creates pavers with up to four times the strength of poured concrete.
  • COLORFUSION™ A proprietary technology that disperses color randomly for a natural granite-like appearance.
  • EASYCLEAN™ Factory sealed to provide integral surface protection from stains. 



Visit our showroom for more details on all our Unilock pavers and products!


All Techo-Bloc paving stones at Afton Landscape Supply are designed to withstand vehicular traffic, are salt-resistant and color-consistent all the way through. With their superior thickness and interlocking characteristics, Techo-Bloc pavers are designed in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colors to harmonize with any architectural style.

We also offer Techo-Bloc eco-conscious and cost-effective pavements for residential and commercial storm water management. These permeable pavements allow for the proper percolation of surface water into the ground; reducing the ris k and severity of flooding, eliminating puddles, speeding up the melting process of snow, reduced winter ice hazards and cost-savings on de-icing salt and snow removal. Many municipalities encourage the use of permeable pavements by offering tax incentives, utility fee reductions, expedited permitting and increased percentage of pave-able land surface with your local government to see if they offer and local incentives for permeable pavements.

Stop in to the Afton hardscape display today for more information on Techo Bloc pavers.



At Afton’s we offer Dura Denz technology by Oberfields LLC. Dura Denz represents a dramatic break-through in concrete casting technology. The new world-class manufacturing process results in a specially formulated dense top layer and a smooth, aggregate-free, extra-hard surface that resists chipping, scratching and fading. The result is products that are not only beautiful, but extremely durable.